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Wining and Dining....Never, felt this good!

Engage your senses and experiment varying dishes with Tapas and Tinis. A place where you could receive a wonderful meal and an alcoholic beverage of your choice. 

We're available to Party all the time!

We are here to fulfill your personal request. Whether it be two people or two hundred, simply indicate how many persons will be in attendance!

Making dinner social again. 

The small-plate tradition has a rich cultural heritage. Consider China’s dim sum, Spain’s tapas or the Greek meze, all of which feature small portions consumed socially. A number of small plates, each featuring its own flavor profile and shared among friends, is altogether more fun than the one-plate experience. 

A place where you can clean your plate with a clear conscious!

Then there’s science, which tells us that eating smaller, more frequent meals regulates the body’s glucose and insulin levels. By putting an end to the sugar cravings that follow huge meals, this style of eating can actually reduce overall caloric intake.
Tapas and Tinis utilizes the highest quality ingredients including fresh herbs, spices, and sweet cream butter, and premium meats. We strongly caution individuals with severe allergies to inform our administration before placing your order. Tapas and Tinis cooks with nuts, wheat, and dairy products on the premises.

Feel free to request food items applicable to your taste preference. Such as, allergies, olive oil, soy products, etc. 

Enjoy Tapas and Tinis Catering Services today,  where each bite is addictive!